NOTE: This version has been configured to NOT do any permanently update any call numbers in the database.

Use this tool to create BISAC call numbers for all the records given. An excel file will also be created for use in creating labels using MS Mail Merge.


BISAC Category

Use proper case. Value will be used as is for new call number.
Level 1 Text:
Level 2 Text:
Level 3 Text:

Last Level:
Use current call number as last level


Call Number Prefix

Use Current Prefix
Assign New Prefix

Label Options:

Include Call Number Prefix on Labels
Print Labels in all Uppercase

Barcodes of items to give new BISAC Call Number:

Barcode text file :
TXT No formatting. One barcode per line.
CSV Proper CSV formatting. Column header barcode.

Separate Barcodes on new lines or with spaces:

Email Address

Enter an email address to also receive results via email.